Friday, 6 October 2017

Recent Projects #6 - A Very Extended Break

Life got busy and crochet was set aside for a little while.

The biggest news is that I was laid off from my day job. Unfortunately, the location had closed so life got a bit topsy-turvy for a while. At the moment the job hunt is on, but I'm happily returning to crochet as life has chosen to calm down a bit. 

My mother owns a restaurant and has kindly given me the space to sell my wares, so I am gladly inspired - both by my mother's kindness and the opportunity to finally sell some things - to create as much as I am able to.

A companion piece to my previous Gameboy  Color pillow, I made this in the next "official" colour released that I wanted to try - Teal. This one I think is much better than the other as I made it completely freehand, compared to the first where I had based it off of a previously existing pattern.

I had some wonderful discontinued (as far as I know anyway) scrap cotton yarn that I wanted to make something for myself with. I needed a hair wrap / headband badly so we made it happen. Freehand, no pattern.

The princess dress hype had cursed me, yes. My aunt requested it and lovingly I have succumbed to the curse. I shortened the skirt, as it was far too long for the baby, but it was for naught as it still ended up far too long, haha. Grandma (my aunt) and baby are both happy with the finished item.

 My most recent project this month, freehand no-pattern pumpkin hats. I love the faux-knit ridges of the first pattern I had created and wanted to recreate it for these pumpkin hats. I made an adult size (pictured above) and an adorable baby sized hat as well.

So that is what we have missed in my life so far.  
We will just have to see what excitement awaits me in the last few months of 2017.

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