Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rainy Weather Ghosties (Teru Teru Bōzu)

Yesterday was an incredibly rainy day. From morning to night - even extending to today! I think it must be one heck of a storm, haha.  I actually love the rain and it was a welcome change from the blistering heat we have had lately, but I know a lot of people were not pleased, haha. As long as I can get to-and-from my work and home safe, then I don't mind to see a change of pace with the weather.

I am really falling in love with amigurumi. The simplicity of making them along with the very visible progress while creating them is just fantastic. I wanted to make another amigurumi so I thought it would be fun to make a teru teru bozu! Teru teru bozu (てるてる坊主) are a Japanese folklore tradition. They are used to ward off bad weather in hopes of having good weather. People usually use these in anticipation for important events. It's more of a thing for children to do, but it's common all around the country!

A scene from 'Yotsuba&!' by Kiyohiko Azuma

Growing up I watched a lot of anime (Japanese cartoons) on tv. Through the translation process to English they often cut out cultural references, so I often saw these 'ghost things' on the cartoons and always wondered what they were. These are supposed to look like little bald monks, but I always saw them as ghosts!

I found the perfect pattern at the Happie Scrappie blog. The project was a nice and short one and I'm really happy with how it turned out! The half-moon smile and button eyes were the easiest part, but they definitely gave this little one the cute, little face it deserved!

[For more information on the project, see its Raverly project page.]

I had a really fun time working with the yarn I chose. While normally I’d hate the feel and stiffness of the Craft Smart Value yarn, I love the stiff feel when it comes to amigurumi. It feels so solid and it really keeps its shape. The affordability of it is just an extra bonus. Just lovely!
I made a tiny modification to the skirt since I wanted it to be a bit longer, just added one extra line of single crochet. I think I crocheted much looser than the original pattern called for, as the skirt ended up much longer! It may also have been an effect from the stiff nature of the yarn.

I also decided to make it a cute little scarf rather than just tie some ribbon around the neck. I thought it would be cuter and it definitely is. It's a super basic mini-scarf. One row of double crochet (us), length however long you desire. At one point before the end skip 3 ch (or however many rows you need for the button to fit) to create a buttonhole before the end. Easy!

All said and done, after I spent the time to make this doll I had completely forgotten to hang it up yesterday! I know! How could I forget? Maybe that was why it continued to rain today? 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Recent Projects #1 - August

Although I tried to teach myself crochet three whole times, I didn't really get it until the third attempt. Thank goodness! By  July 2016, I already had a mass of purchased yarn and many gifted crochet items from people who no longer enjoy the craft. I felt like I had won something once I was able to get past that foundation chain, haha. The guilt of those items just sitting there is now lifted!

My few projects are just awful and poorly made that I refused to share them here right now, haha. Maybe in the future I will share them, we'll see. Technically I finished those in July anyway so no need to share, right? ;)

This month was an absolute mess! I was so insanely busy, haha. The month began with a large convention event and a mud run (6k obstacle course up and down a ski-hill!) that absolutely wrecked me. It was so much fun, the exhaustion was very much worth it. After that weekend, I had spent a lot of weekends at other events and with friends, so it really cut my crochet time down!

This month is the month of my best friend's birthday, as well as her wonderful sister I also love, so I decided I would make them some presents. I had to use all that extra yarn anyway, right? (Spoiler alert: I bought more yarn, of course.)

My bestie and I grew close through a mutual friend and a passion for Bioware video games. This girl live and breathes Mass Effect! Femshep is a personal inspiration to her, and it very much shows, haha. I wanted to make her something to match her many N7 themed items. She owns far too many plushes and her boyfriend would flip if I gave her one, so I decided to make her a scarf! This girl really loves scarves so it's perfect!

I'm not super happy with the way it looks as far as the horizontal stripe 'thingies' go, but the scarf ended up so warm and comfy. She loves very, very long scarves so it was a bonus that it ended up this big! Originally I was going to make an infinity scarf but I decided not to. Happy happenings?

[For more information on the project, see its Raverly project page.]