Monday, 30 January 2017

Recent Projects #4 - December & January

These past few months have just breezed by so quickly. It's hard to believe it's already almost February. I unfortunately didn't get very much done these past few months, but I'm still glad to share with you what few things I have been able to make.

My first project of the holiday season was a Gameboy Color pillow for a gift exchange. The crowd in this particular exchange can be a bit nerdy, so I expect it to go well. I busted my butt in order to get it done in time. It was a bit of a tough pattern but I conquered in within my deadline.

I decided to make the buttons out of felt rather than crochet them, as I thought it would look a bit neater. I'm really happy with how the pillow turned out, despite a few mistakes here and there. It's a shame it was only reluctantly taken at the white elephant exchange. Now I know handmade items are not their forte. Ah well, I don't regret making it in the least.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello New Year Crochet Resolutions

2016 has certainly been quite a year. I know a lot of it seemed so terrible, but there has been so many lovely things that happened this year. 

Pandas are no longer endangered!! I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. Manatee and humpback whale populations are growing as well. There were many new breakthroughs in medical research including a vaccine for Ebola and advancement in Alzheimer's prevention! World hunger has dropped and child mortality is down. This year was so, so hard but it's so nice to see that this year wasn't just really dour stuff.

(For more great things that happened in 2016, check out this wonderful list via Tumblr and this picture-laden Chive article.)