Monday, 30 January 2017

Recent Projects #4 - December & January

These past few months have just breezed by so quickly. It's hard to believe it's already almost February. I unfortunately didn't get very much done these past few months, but I'm still glad to share with you what few things I have been able to make.

My first project of the holiday season was a Gameboy Color pillow for a gift exchange. The crowd in this particular exchange can be a bit nerdy, so I expect it to go well. I busted my butt in order to get it done in time. It was a bit of a tough pattern but I conquered in within my deadline.

I decided to make the buttons out of felt rather than crochet them, as I thought it would look a bit neater. I'm really happy with how the pillow turned out, despite a few mistakes here and there. It's a shame it was only reluctantly taken at the white elephant exchange. Now I know handmade items are not their forte. Ah well, I don't regret making it in the least.

My next project was a casual little project of mine. The holidays were incredibly busy as usual, so I made some cute faux food to relax. I ended up adding hair clips to the bottom of these so that they're wearable as hair pins or brooches. I'd like to continue to make more of these!

This pancake ended up being paired together with a pancake themed skirt I sold earlier in the month. I am hoping it was a sweet surprise. (Bad joke, I know!)

My little kitty here had a spay surgery done. She is healing quite well, but unfortunately really wants to lick her wound. Originally we had put a sock on her, but I could tell it was uncomfortable. It would consistently roll up and sit strangely on her as well. I told myself I'd never dress up my animals, it's a dangerous can of worms to open for me, but I decided it would be good for her.

I absolutely love it. It looks like she has a little sweater vest, haha. I am scared that I'll want to dress her up even after she's done healing. My dear cat is going to hate me.
I've had this caron cake for what feels like almost forever so I decided to finally use it for something. A personal goal of mine was to make a granny square, so I decided to make a lovey. I went with a Kirby theme, as the skein had the perfect colours for it.

I am really not happy with how the Kirby turned out. Its one foot is too big and my face embroidery is just terrible, but I'm still happy with the project. I am really happy with how the blanket turned out.

That's all for December and January. I was hoping to get more done, but after the failure of a craft fair  and a busy holiday season I was a bit burnt out from crochet. Here's hoping I get inspired and continue to work on more projects in this  new year.

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