Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello New Year Crochet Resolutions

2016 has certainly been quite a year. I know a lot of it seemed so terrible, but there has been so many lovely things that happened this year. 

Pandas are no longer endangered!! I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. Manatee and humpback whale populations are growing as well. There were many new breakthroughs in medical research including a vaccine for Ebola and advancement in Alzheimer's prevention! World hunger has dropped and child mortality is down. This year was so, so hard but it's so nice to see that this year wasn't just really dour stuff.

(For more great things that happened in 2016, check out this wonderful list via Tumblr and this picture-laden Chive article.)

All things considered, I think 2016 was a good year for me. I definitely think 2015 was a lot better, but this year still had it's good moments. I finally picked up crochet this year! This year was a year dedicated to practicing and learning the craft. The latter half of 2016 is a blur for me, but I do remember having a hook in my hand the whole time, haha. There were a lot of mistakes and ugly finished objects at first, but I'm happy to say I'm glad where I'm at right now. Now, what do I want to do in the future in regards to crochet?

My 2016 Crochet Resolutions

Resolution #1 - Make a granny square already!

(source for image)
I feel like I'm crocheting wrong since I haven't made one granny square yet, haha. There are some absolutely breathtaking designs out there and I want to get out there and make one already. My hopes for NaKniCroMo is that I will be able to make a bunch of granny squares for a blanket or something.

Resolution #2 - Make A Dress & Socks

I make a lot of accessories but I really want to make a dress or sweater and some socks. I know they're much more popular with knitting, moreso than crochet, but I really want to try it out. I'm really inspired by a specific dress pattern in a book I have.

Resolution #3 - Publish An eBook

This goal is a bit lofty, but I think it might be doable. I love designing patterns, even if it's difficult to write them out entirely. I have been designing a lot of faux foods lately so maybe I can make a book on that. We will see! :)

Resolution #4 - Learn New Stitches & Techniques

The best part of crochet is learning new techniques in order to make totally new things. My favourite technique that I have learned so far in this year is crocheting on-the-round. I still need to get better at colour switching OTR but I'm just glad that I can make round and 3D objects. I hope with this upcoming year I can learn more complex and advanced techniques so I can get better and better.

If you crochet, what are your crochet resolutions? If you don't, what are you plans for the year? I hope that you all have had a wonderful 2016 and an even better 2017 to come. 

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