Monday, 3 April 2017

NaKniCroMo 2017 Results!

Not long after I decided on my projects for March, I had a happy surprise! I was chosen as a vendor for a local "nerdy" event. It's technically a cosplay sale, but nerdy themed vendors were allowed as well. This had resulted in changing my entire NaKniCroMo plans - no vintage inspired patterns for me, I had to hustle and make some nerdy things to sell! 

I am not complaining at all! I love having an excuse to make nerdy things. I am so excited to be able to sell things I like to make (didn't hate prepping for the last event, but making generic, but popular, things can be draining) and hopefully have a more successful time selling my creations. I can always work on vintage projects later in the year - sometime when the weather is warmer, maybe?

Here are a few projects I had worked on this past March.

Pika Beret

Inspired by Pokemon, I tried to make a toque hat and it ended up as a happy accidental beret. I borrowed an ear pattern from this Pikachu hat pattern and free-handed a little tail. I am really happy with how this one turned out. It's two-thread crocheted for extra warmth and a nice snug fit. 

I haven't even officially started selling this design and I have two requests for them, haha. I'm hoping this one will be popular throughout the year.

Link-Inspired Hats

No official photo from me here. I  tried to get a decent photo of these hats but my phone just refused to take pictures of this specific shade of forest green I will keep trying to get nice pictures of these, but who knows when and if it'll happen. I used a wonderful pattern by Level Up Apparel.

( If you like this hat, please support the original creator by purchasing the pattern! )

This was my first bought pattern and I had a bit of issues with it. I have a feeling I was just reading things incorrectly or my tension was just off. Instead of long tail-like hats, I had these giant slouchy hats, haha. I fixed them up as best as I could, with taking some liberties of my own. The adult sized ones are just Zelda inspired as they don't match perfectly, while I think the baby sized one actually looks like I made the thing correctly!

Fairies: Tatl, Tael & Navi

I knew I couldn't make Zelda hats without making some fairies to go with it too. As the sale is centered around cosplay, I wanted to make something that could be used as a prop with a costume. Zelda is always a popular series, as is the Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask games, so I knew I definitely had to make these.

First I had made one Navi (blue) with the intention to crochet the wings, but I didn't like how it turned out. I decided on making some felt wings and using yarn to create an edge to minimize possible fraying, Lastly, I added a thin wiring on the back of the wing so that the fairies could be adjusted in any way you would like. An easy peasy and fun little project to work on.

Shield Baby Blanket

I wanted to make another small baby blanket to match with the Kirby lovey I will be selling. Any excuse to finally use the discontinued King Cole Smarty DK I had been sitting on for what feels like forever. I didn't want to waste it on any old project, it was discontinued !! I couldn't decide on what to make so I started with a triangle and free-handed as I went. 

It ended up being a shield which I am very happy about. I was debating on making it a lovey or adding an embellishment in order to make it appear more like a shield proper, but I think the simplicity and almost hidden 'nerdiness' makes it work out well.

Kimono-Inspired Slippers

I had more yarn I knew I had to use. This yarn I have been sitting on for over six months now. This lovely Bernat Maker Home Dec "yarn" I had intended to use for bags but never did. I loved the soft and t-shirt like feel of the material. With my immediate innate need to make slippers it felt like the timing was right. It felt almost experimental using this material for something other than rugs or bags but I'm happy to say it worked out well!

Yes, I own "fish eating your feet" socks! :P

I couldn't find a cross slipper pattern that I liked so I experimented until I found something I did enjoy making. I'm so glad my final NaKniCroMo project was something original and wholly designed by myself.

I promised myself that I wanted to try to release it for others, but I am not sure if the pattern will be easy to write out or explain. I don't know when it will be published but it will be! I have already made a size that fit myself (adult ladies M?) and a toddler size. Ideally I'd like to size out some more options before I release it.
Final Thoughts 

National Knitting and Crochet Month was a wonderful idea to pursue. There were a few days at the start where I missed crocheting (just once or twice) but I'm thankful I had the deadline looming to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't work on vintage inspired things but I know I couldn't have done both and be prepared enough for the event. I'm still happy things turned out the way they did.

I definitely want to take part again next year - maybe taking part in social media a bit more and posting ever day. I'm so thankful to the organizers. Until next year NaKniCroMo, happy hooking!

Okay tiny tangent... but does anyone else have a preference with the use of geek and nerd? I always thought geek was more negative and seen as obsessive, whereas nerd was like a passion or hobby without the negative connotations. 
Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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