Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Recent Projects #3 - October

October is probably my favourite month of the year. As much as I adore late spring and early summer, Autumn is my true season to love. I also absolutely love Halloween. For someone that loves cute and fuzzy things, I have a weird interest in the morbid and eerie.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to crochet anything Halloween themed this month because I am preparing stock for an upcoming craft fair in November! The fair is Christmas themed, so this month was full of elves and warm things. It was a strange October for me. I might crochet some Halloween things later in the year so I don't miss out entirely!

I also released my first pattern this month! I'll spare posting it again, but if you're interested in taking a look at my Junco Elf hat, please take a look at my earlier post (and pattern instructions) here.

A good friend of mine wanted to make a Pokémon themed costume for this year's Halloween, so I gladly made her a big plush Poké Ball. I think it turned out a bit big for her taste, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. There are so many different patterns out there for this sort of project, but thankfully I found a really nice one to my tastes here

[ For more information, see the project's Ravelry Project Page ]
Thankfully, she did enjoy the plush I made her! Not going to lie, after I finished making it I had to fight all my temptation to throw the ball at people with its soft, plushy goodness!

One of the first things I wanted to make for the upcoming holiday themed craft fair were headbands / hair wraps. I love something to cover my ears but I find hats to be so bulky. 

I thought something Santa themed would be nice and cute. I ended up winging the pattern on my own, inspired by a few different patterns I saw floating around the internet. I almost wish I made the white trim a little bit thicker, but I think the simplicity of the design is why this headband is so cute.

I ended up messing up the pattern the first time around. I think I was just too sleepy that day. Thankfully, practice makes perfect and I learned from my mistakes. On the plus side, I get to keep the not-so-perfect one I made! 

[ For more information, see the project's Ravelry Project Page ] 
(My inner phone camera is not so flattering to this colour of yarn, unfortunately.)

I have discovered that I absolutely love crocheting fingerless gloves. I also discovered one of my favourite colourways of yarn - Loops&Thread's Impeccable in Neapolitan. Neapolitan ice cream was always one of my favourite treats as a child and this yarn actually gives me warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia because of it. Thankfully I found a perfect fingerless glove pattern to suit this yarn well.

In an embarrassing note, I also discovered that I have been crocheting wrong this entire time.... Yes, I know, hard to admit. I was crocheting only front loop only (or back loop only) without realizing that one is supposed to crochet with both loops nornally! I'm just thankfully I know now. I'm not angry I made a mistake, as I know it is a learning process and it means I'm improving. Still, how embarrassing!

[ For more information, see the project's Ravelry Project Page ] 

After making the gloves featured above, I was hooked on making these fingerless gloves. I bought some lovely pinky yarn on clearance with the intent to make some amigurumi people with, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Originally I was making a simple hat with the yarn, but I ended up changing my mind last minute and created my very own fingerless glove pattern. I have a feeling it's simple enough of a design it has been done before, but I'm still happy I was able to come up with this on my own without referencing a similar glove pattern.

[ For more information, see the project's Ravelry Project Page ] 

My last project for the month, or at least the last one I am sharing, is a basic little cowl I made. I only had a bit of this lovely yarn left and I decided to try and make a simple little rectangle out of it. Not knowing how much I actually had left, I ended up with a tiny cowl. It's a cute little neck hugging cowl for women, but with such a cute little design I think young boys and girls could wear it too. 

I just have the perfect envisioning of a little toddler boy with glasses and the cute little bow tie scarf, haha. I decided to add the bow after thinking the cowl was a bit too plain. You can find the pattern here.

[ For more information, see the project's Ravelry Project Page ] 

I had a few more projects I worked on this month, but they aren't very interesting so I will spare you from seeing them here, haha. They'll be at the craft fair in November, so I'll share them then!

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! Although I wasn't able to make any Halloween things, I still gladly celebrated! This was my second (or maybe third?) Halloween in my current home and I had such a fun time handing out candy. After living in apartments for so long, I am almost curious how long my love for that aspect of Halloween will last, haha.

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