Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Recent Projects #2 - September

September was a great month for crochet. With the organized chaos of August, a calm September was warmly welcomed. Autumn is my favourite season and it hits my local area very quickly. By the beginning of the month, there were already trees changing colour. It was a perfect setting for crocheting as well as great inspiration for colour!

At the beginning of the month, or rather very late August, the boyfriend and I started a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with some friends. So nerdy, I know. He decided to play as a half-elf, but was discouraged by their lack of beards. It was because of this that he made his character have a disguise beard, for no real reason other than to have one. Of course this meant I had to make him one for him - in reality - to have as well. My only regret is not making it with nicer yarn, but I was on a budget.

I also decided to make a dice bag for myself, as my old one I made many moons ago was falling apart. I already had the yarns lying around so it was a nice little treat to myself without costing anything. I love the colours together, as you can see I was already feeling the "autumn spirit", haha.

I also made a blanket in the beginning of the month. I ended up scrapping it twice before finally making a circular throw. It was because of this project that I really discovered how bad my ADHD could be, haha. I have the primarily inattentive variety of ADHD, so it means that doing anything repetitive for a long time is just punishing for me. Thankfully, crocheting on-the-round is different enough that it didn't fry my brain!

It's a lovely blanket and perfect for having on one's lap for long crochet or gaming sessions. I'd say it will work lovely for me and my boyfriend. If only it would actually be used as a lap blanket rather than continually ending up in the bed, haha. My boyfriend loves how warm it is, he drags it all over the house like a puppy. It's wonderful.

An absolutely wonderful doll (ha!) of a friend just recently had a birthday. I wanted to crochet her something special so I made her a mini-me doll to match one of her favourite outfits. We met each other a few years ago via a community we both were active in, and still are a part of to this day. We ended up bonding over a mutual love for a Japanese fashion featuring poofy dresses, lace and ruffles. I'm so glad to have a friend like her and I really wanted to put some extra effort into her gift.

Originally I tried using one of the many Lily brand doll patterns, but I found it didn't work very well for what I wanted to do. After I finished the head according to the pattern I completely did the rest of it on my own. Unfortunately, this means her right leg is a bit wonky but nothing a little tug doesn't fix. Her facial features, as well as ears and nose, are my first ever experience embroidering features onto a doll. I'm so incredibly happy with how it looks.

Thankfully, she ended up really liking the finished product. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of the finished doll (thanks gloomy weather and bad lighting) but I hope the details are visible enough. My only real issue with the doll is her boring shoes and the fact that her headband is not removable. In order to get the right look for the headband, I had to fasten it down onto her head. Since I put the extra effort into making the dress removable (for possible future dresses being made), I'm a bit put off by it. On the plus side, she owns a lot of navy pieces so maybe it won't be too bad in the end, haha.

I made so much and it's technically not even the end of the month, haha. (There are a few days left, you know!) I actually have a few things I made this month that I finished but I'm saving them for a later post. You shall see them soon! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry. 😊 I hope you all have a lovely day and a lovely upcoming month!

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